Check Your Email Newsletters for Spam

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Sick of ending up in your customers’ junk mail folders?

After spending time composing and formatting an email newsletter, there is one thing that many people fail to do – check to see if the email will trigger popular email spam filters.

There is a good reason for this – there are very few tools available on the Internet to actually check whether an email is likely to be marked as spam by the recipients of your email campaign.

IsNotSpam is a free email spam checker that checks five of the top reasons why your email may be marked as spam by a recipient mail server. IsNotSpam checks to see if your email will trigger the SpamAssassin spam filter, based on its content.

Email content, however, is only one element that determines whether your email is likely to be marked as spam. IsNotSpam also performs an SPF check, Sender-ID check, DomainKeys check, and DKIM check.

To perform a test of your email, simply send an email to the email address mentioned on our main page.

All tests are completed within a few seconds, and the results are emailed back.

More information can be found at IsNotSpam.


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